"Designing Fantasies in Latex Rubber"

Welcome to Dark Side: A Wonderland of Rubber Creations.

I believe that Latex Rubber is an absolutely brilliant fetish/fashion medium! What people wear speaks directly to what they hold important. Consider, for example, what wearing a shiny black rubber catsuit communicates to the world. Rubber clothing sends socially shared messages of both indulgence and eroticism. It directly represents our values and people instantly understand the sexual connotations.
What you should know about me: I am a designer and I am an artist; I take great joy in communicating my passion for life through my craft.
What you should know about Dark Side: Dark Side has been in business since 1994. Dark Side was, in fact, one of the first rubber design companies to jump on board that strange new beast dubbed "The Internet".
I take great pride in my ability to deliver exceptional products and service to my clients. The design process is truly creative and collaborative. Ultimately it's about my relationship with YOU.
Stage 1 in our relationship is for you to send me a simple email with a brief description of the design you would like to have created.  From there, we will begin a dialogue that will allow me to see into your mind's eye and ultimately, enable me to bring your fantasy creation to life.

I look forward to hearing from you!


MrsDarkSide's Wigs - For Sale

I have 3 gorgeous long synthetic lace front wigs for sale. The lace has been trimmed on all of the wigs and they are ready to wear. If you've always wondered if blondes really do have more fun, here's your opportunity to test the theory. I am selling the wigs for $50 each.

Nia is a gorgeous dark root wig in color DXT27/613 
Price $50
Brand New



Dolly2 Head Redux

Good golly Miss Dolly - you have a bodacious new head for your booty-licious 12' body. And guess what.... you have 2 new sisters coming. A 12 foot rubber doll, a 9 foot rubber doll, an 8 foot rubber doll, and a 6 rubber doll. Hot damn, I'm creating the Kardashian family of the rubber doll world!